Strong Reviews For Lafayette Software Company Selosoft

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Lafayette, California – Selosoft, Inc. today is pleased to announce the release of Don’t Hit! 1.0, an easy to learn, hard to master, one-touch game for iPad(R), iPhone(R), and iPod touch(R). Players control a triangle as it speeds through an endless course of chaotic twists and turns. Gravity will pull the triangle down relative to […]


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BITCOIN SURGES TO NEW RECORD ABOVE $4,000 Bitcoin surged to a new record high above the $4,000 level on Sunday, as investors remained optimistic about the future of the cryptocurrency after it successfully survived a split into two competing coins. On the U.S.-based Bitfinex exchange, Bitcoin was at $3,909.3, up $480.8 or 14.06%, after rising […]

Bitcoin And The Theory Of Money; Hedge Fund Quiz

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Bitcoin is not only irredeemable, but also unbacked. That is a big difference—in favor of the dollar. (Keith Weiner of Monetary-Metals) Read an analysis of Bitcoin as money ( Bitcoin has no backing. I think of Bitcoin as “Token” money. What are your thoughts? Get The Full Risk Parity Series in PDF Get the entire […]

Millennials Can’t Afford Homes Because Of Bachelor Parties

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Move over avocado toast — bachelor parties are the latest reason millennials can’t afford houses, according to a new study. A report by real estate website Zillow and wedding website The Knot found that the average millennial man spends $1,532 on a destination bachelor party weekend when accounting for accommodations, travel and other expenses. For […]

Tips For Dealing With Debt Collectors

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If you have a forgotten or unpaid bill that has gone to collection, don’t worry. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act offers you many rights when dealing with debt collectors. Listed below are six important tips to know when a third-party debt collector contacts you. Get all the important information in writing – As per […]

Debt Collection Scams and How to Avoid Them

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Are you being harassed with repeated calls from debt collectors? Or threatened with a lawsuit? If you are in a situation that is similar to a loan shark attacking its prey, then you should consider giving it sometime before emptying your wallet – because chances are, you might have become victim to a debt collection […]

China Sends North Korea A Missile Message

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China held a massive live fire exercise near the Korean Peninsula. Fire Away Type 054A frigates, including the “515” Binzhou, fire off C-803 anti-ship missiles during the exercises Aug. 4-8. CCTV13 Over the weekend, China’s army, navy, and air force conducted a wide range of naval exercises in the Yellow Sea, close to North Korea. […]

Avoid Business and Debt Scams in 2017

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Suspicious phone calls. Unsavory contractors. Businesses with questionable practices. There are lots of people who want to get their hands on your money. We spend a lot of time in this space sharing the stories of those who have been scammed, hoodwinked or otherwise taken by con artists. While each scam is a little different, […]

This ‘Scandal’ Star Rips into Trump Voters

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Joshua Malina didn’t hold back in an expletive-filled tweet to Trump voters. The “Scandal” star shared on Twitter Tuesday, “If you’re one of the stupid c**ks who voted for this stupid c**k, do you not feel like a stupid c**k?” The tweet by the 51-year-old actor was in response to President Trump’s warning to North […]

Lafayette Welcomes Janet Jackson’s World Tour

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Janet Jackson is working hard to give fans the best performances in her upcoming tour. Jackson will be in her best shape when she soon hits the road for her “State of the World” tour, which kicks off on Sept. 7 in Lafayette, Louisiana. For the past several weeks, the singer has been busy with […]