Trump Set to Order Health Care Law Changes

U.S. President Donald Trump, frustrated by congressional failures to overhaul national health care policies, is set Thursday to sign an executive order aimed at making lower-cost, reduced-benefit health insurance more readily accessible for consumers. Trump is holding a White House event with small business owners and individuals who could benefit from his order. White House […]

Rob Reiner blasts Harvey Weinstein but claims President Trump is worse

Rob Reiner blasted Harvey Weinstein following multiple accusations of sexual harassment and sexual abuse against him but said that President Donald Trump is worse. During an interview at the Hamptons International Film Festival Sunday, the “When Harry Met Sally” director didn’t shy away from criticizing the Hollywood mega-producer, but Reiner, 70, also called out Trump, […]

ISIS May Still Have Proof It Did Las Vegas Attack

Authorities continue to doubt that the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) was behind last week’s massacre in Las Vegas, despite the jihadists’ persistent claims the shooter acted on their behalf. According to one leading expert’s analysis, however, the conflicting narratives might be playing straight into ISIS’s hands. Despite digging deep into Stephen Paddock’s background, investigators […]

Trump Was Told ‘To Go F*** Himself’ By Frank Sinatra

Add Ol’ Blue Eyes to the list of people who are anti-Trump. When Donald Trump ruffled the famous Frank Sinatra’s feathers, he had his manager tell him to go f*** himself, The Daily News reports. Eliot Weisman, the former manager of the American singer from 1975 to 1998, recounts the time the singer was going […]

What Kind of Medical Alert Would Pablo Escobar Use?

  If you’re familiar with Pablo Escobar, then you know how crazy this article is going to be. Mabye you remember him from Narcos, an American crime drama television series created by Netflix. But just think about it for a second; wouldn’t it have been interesting to see “the man” himself wearing a freaking medical […]

Fast Track Financial Reviews: September 2017

August Headlines include: * Solar Eclipse Cost US Economy Over $700 Million * Amazon is Taking Over Seattle * Meet AMPER – Artificially Intelligent Music Composer * Seaweed Helping The Fight Against Climate Change * NASA’s $3.5 Billion Plan to Stop the Yellowstone Super Volcano From Erupting.

Did Hugh Hefner Wear A Medical Alert Necklace?

Hugh Hefner, the 91 year old founder of Playboy magazine, died Wednesday at his home, the Playboy Mansion. He launched Playboy with a naked photo of Marilyn Monroe that he bought for $500. Some regarded “Hef” an the leading advocate of sexual liberation and freedom of expression while others accused him objectifying women..He was well known around […]