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Woman Reported Six Times For Loud Sex

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Olga Valerio loves sex — loud sex in particular. And now she’s finally making it known that she’s the one creating the cacophony apparently heard all over New York City — or at least throughout her apartment building. Valerio, 49, told the New York Post, that she and her 26-year-old lover, Byron Perez, are responsible […]

Sexy Large Women Bring Out The Best In Men – Top 10 Jungle

Big Women Bring Out The Best In Men

Researchers from Florida State University revealed in a new study that women are more likely to pay attention to average and plus-size models compared to thin models. Russell Clayton, assistant professor in the FSU School of Communication, said the study examines how women respond to models of different sizes. “By measuring psychophysiological responses during image […]

She’s A Dominatrix, A New Jersey Sheriff – What’s The Difference? – Top 10 Jungle

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Should a former dominatrix who appeared in bondage movies for pay be allowed to work as a Hudson County sheriff’s officer? That’s a question that is expected to be answered when newly sworn-in sheriff’s officer Kristen Hyman, of Bayonne, attends a disciplinary hearing on June 27. The county Sheriff’s Office suspended Hyman without pay on […]