Credit Card Disputes: Don’t Be Lazy and Don’t Back Down

Evaluating your credit card statement on a monthly basis is important. If you are someone who throws it in the trashcan right after reading the title of the mail, you may be missing out on a chance to detect any discrepancies. For instance, a merchant may have charged you double for the same thing, or there could be an unauthorized charge on your credit card statement. Dealing with a credit card dispute is not a waste of time, which is why you need to be aware of some of the strategies that can be implemented if you are attempting to win a credit card dispute.

Get In Touch With The Merchant

If there is an error or a clerical issue with your credit card bill, it is ideal to solve it with the help of a retailer. That is generally the fastest way to go about the problem. However, if you are dealing with a scam charge, it is okay to first get in touch with your creditor.

If a merchant fails or ignores to do his job in making things right, you might have to lodge a complaint with your credit card issuer.

Don’t Delay Your Credit Card Dispute

If you wish to ask for a chargeback and/or start a credit card dispute, you will have to take immediate action. Consumer laws, such as the Truth in Lending Act and Fair Credit Billing (FCBA) safeguard consumers that have to deal with credit card complications. But typically they only completely apply when you open a dispute within a given time span.

Billing mistakes include mathematical errors, unauthorized charges, missing returns, incorrect charges and missed credit card payments. Under the FCBA law, you can open a dispute for any of these types of issues within 2 months after receiving your credit card bill. Depending on your credit card issuing company, you may also take 4 months to file a dispute.

This does not mean that you shouldn’t open a credit card dispute for a charge if you have already waited a long period. However, it is important to keep in mind that delaying this may lower your chances of winning the case.

Prepare Your Case

Here you will need to open the dispute either by calling your card issuer or filling out an online form. You may also need to write to the credit card company. Whatever you do, make sure you have all the right documents in place. Emails, receipts, return proofs, and canceled checks are some of the examples of documents that may come in handy when disputing a charge.

Don’t Back Down

Winning a credit card dispute requires lots of persistence and patience. If you don’t see anything happening, use your defenses and claims to back your argument. You should also utilize these defenses and claims to challenge a charge if the product quality wasn’t satisfactory. This kind of issue can’t be addressed via the credit card dispute process that is usually applied to billing errors.

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