Fast Track Financial Reviews: September 2017

Fast Track Financial Reviews September 2017

Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner, the 91 year old founder of Playboy magazine, died Wednesday at his home, the Playboy Mansion. He launched Playboy with a naked photo of Marilyn Monroe that he bought for $500. Some regarded “Hef” an the leading advocate of sexual liberation and freedom of expression while others accused him objectifying women..He was well known around the world for his wild Playboy Mansion parties. Love him or hate him- everyone can agree that “Hugh Hefner,” the envy of the medical alert community, changed America’s values.

Debt Relief for Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria has brought out the vultures, the While Wall Street vultures that is. While the Gordon Gekkos of the world circle Puerto Rican residents during this ongoing humanitarian crisis and try to entice Puerto Ricans with “debt relief” offers in the form of more debt, consumer advocates for economic justice are demanding immediate debt relief for its residents and federal stimulus spending to rebuild the island’s devastated infrastructure.

Why You Should Never Go On The Internet Without VPN

More and more people are starting to talk about VPNs. A VPN is a software tool used to create privacy on the web. It gives people the freedom to click without being tracked by creating an encrypted and secure network connection between the user’s device and the server. Every move you make today on the Internet is being tracked. If you think you are safe by searching “incognito,” think again.

The Equifax Hack Shows the Importance of Antivirus, Credit Repair & Identity Theft

Equifax waited a couple months before sharing the news that its antivirus protection wasn’t strong enough to stop 143 million consumers’ personal information from being exposed, quite possibly on the dark web. Many consumers are getting ready to sue and have learned the need for antivirus software and the importance of credit repair.


Protecting Your Pets

Animal welfare officers rescued close to 50 pets during Hurricane Irma in Palm Beach County alone.Nearby Naples Zoo secured all of its animals before being battered by Hurricane Irma and reported they were all safe in the aftermath. Protect your pets from the unexpected. Find out if pet insurance is right for you and your family.


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