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Fast Track Financial Reviews August 2017

Solar Eclipse Cost US Economy Over $700 Million 

According to Challenger, Gray & Christmas, the oldest executive outplacement firm in the US, there are 87 million US workers making an average hourly wage of $23.86. If they all took 20 minutes off to prepare for the eclipse, it would cost employers roughly $7.95 per person. Multiply $7.95 by 87 million and you get close to $700 million.

Amazon is Taking Over Seattle

Amazon has close to 10 million square feet of space in Seattle, roughly 20% of all of the city’s prime office space. An additional 70% of new downtown office space added in 2016 was exclusively for Amazon. It expects to grow to to 12 million square feet by 2022. Its footprint in Seattle—both economic and physical—will shape the city for decades to come.

NASA’s $3.5 Billion Plan to Stop the Yellowstone Super Volcano From Erupting

NASA has detailed a plan to prevent the Yellowstone Caldera or Super Volcano from erupting. They are planning on drilling into the volcano and high speed pumping water into it to cool the volcano and use the hot water to generate electricity.

Meet AMPER – Artificially Intelligent Music Composer

AMPER is the creation of a team of professional musicians and technology experts. A music album called I AM AI, the featured single of which is set to release on August 21st, is the first album that’s entirely composed and produced by an artificial intelligence.

Seaweed Helping The Fight Against Climate Change

Australian researchers have been exploring how cultivating seaweed could aid in the global fight against climate change. Preliminary studies seem promising. What’s left now is to come up with support for the solution.

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