Do You Really Want To Live With Your Adult Kids?

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Having to move back in with your kids sucks. Period. Can you imagine that? Loud, obnoxious music; dirty, smelly laundry; unbelievably filthy kitchen, and not a damn thing you can do about it?medical alert devices

Well, that’s your reality if you’re old, or if you’ve got a serious health condition and you don’t have a medical alert necklace. Those crazy kids that you raised are gonna want to keep their tiny, red, marijuana laced eyes on you to make sure you don’t have an accident living alone.

And here’s the thing. You CAN’T wear any old medical alert device. It has to be from a reputable, trustworthy company, or you may as well move out to the middle of the Sahara with your oxygen tank.

Still not convinced that this tiny medical device can save you from having to live with your kids? Keep reading.

Instant Paramedics When You Bust Your A#@

Whether you’re up in age, or just plain old sick, slips and falls are your worst enemy. It’s the number one thing that adult children worry about when it comes to their parents living alone. With a medical alert bracelet, all that worry goes out the window. You have some immediate help available if you DO happen to slip or fall, and your kids can keep their nosy asses at home. Besides, you’ve got strippers coming in and out the house like crazy. Your kids don’t want to see all that.

Medical Alert Necklace as Thug Protection

Kids worry about their parents getting robbed. Seriously. It’s a common concern for adult children with parents living in both urban and rural areas. How would you call for help if the thugs take your cell phone?

And don’t think that because you have that old, Jitterbug flip phone with the big numbers, you’re safe. Thugs “be” jacking those too. It’s hard out here. But that’s where your medical alert device a.k.a “police, paramedic, neck bling,” comes into play. When they see your finger heading for the panic button, they’ll get to running away from you faster than Usain Bolt. Your kids will never have to worry about you getting robbed.

Medical Alert Necklace for Killer Sexmedical alert devices

So, you’re up in age and you still have wild sex? That’s cool, but can your heart take it? Your kids don’t think so, and that’s another reason to have you move into their crib. If you’re living with them, you’re less likely to bring home some old stray and die of a heart attack while “feeding” them on the kitchen table (well, at least some of you).

But with a quality medical alert system, you’re all good. You can stay in your own home, bring home as many strays as you like, feed them a full

course meal, walk them, feed them again, and just when you feel like you’re gonna drop dead… Bam. Hit that panic button.

Seriously, a top rated medical life alert system  can save your life and enable you to live alone, safely, in your own home. You weren’t really looking forward to moving back in with the kids, wereyou?

I didn’t think so.

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