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CyberGhost VPN
CyberGhost VPN
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Secure Your Digital Lifestyle With CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost has headquarters in Romania and provides VPN services to more than 10 million users. One of the main reasons for the popularity of CyberGhost is that is allows P2P users to torrent easily with a few different features such as automatic connections to the fastest server.

CyberGhost: The Pros

  • Limited free plan with option to upgrade easily
  • Torrenting friendly
  • Faster speeds than the average VPN
  • No data transfer limit
  • 30 day money back guarantee

CyberGhost: The Cons

  • The interface can be a bit basic to more familiar users
  • You may struggle to get on some sites
  • Some conflict between CyberGhost and other VPN networks in use

CyberGhost: Overall

CyberGhost is friendly to beginners with a basic, intuitive interface. Though this can be frustrating for more seasoned VPN users, it does make it clear how to use the app with simple buttons and instructions. The app is also easy to install and start using straight away. New users also get 7 days of free premium usage when they download on Android.

CyberGhost offers 26.94Mbps maximum download, just above the recommended 25Mbps required for Ultra HD 4k quality video and ideal for Netflix. It also offers 31.73Mbps maximum upload speed. The combination of the two make this VPN ideal for P2P torrenting. To gain more speed, you can also choose to only use premium servers.

The option to ‘torrent anonymously’ also creates a shortcut for P2P users as it automatically connects you to the fastest torrent enabled server. You also have the option to automatically launch your torrent client at the same time.

With 1300 servers across 30 countries, CyberGhost can be used on Windows, Mac OS and Android. This gives users plenty of options for making the most of your plan, wherever you are and whatever device you are using, including a wide range of features and torrents allowed on most servers.

One of the main draws of CyberGhost is that it does not keep any metadata about its users such as the time of connection and IP address, which are commonly recorded by VPN servers. It also doesn’t require an email to start using the programme. This makes the privacy of the VPN more secure and is more appealing to those who want to ensure their privacy.

Though CyberGhost does not offer 24/7 customer care, it does offer a live chat feature.


CyberGhost offers a free plan that allows one connection at a time and includes ads. The downside is that this service may only run at 20% of the speed of the premium package, though this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will.

CyberGhost Premium is priced competitively at $12.90 when billed monthly and $5.90 a month when billed annually. This service also drops ads and gives you full access to all 1,000 servers. The plan also supports 5 devices, not just the one.

These prices do vary across platforms and there are some discounts and deals available to users such as a 30 day money back guarantee and discounted annual plans.

Str. Baratei 35, Et 4, Sector 3
Bucharest, Romania
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