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Fast Track Financial Debt
Fast Track Financial Debt
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Fast Track Financial: Read With Caution

Fast Track Financial doesn’t really advertise itself as anything in a professional sense. Fast Track Financial’s website claims that they help to get you back on track financially, but they don’t actually state that they are a debt consolidation company, or do they actually specify what they mean by helping you get on track outside of borrowing money.

This should already indicate a sign of a bad business. Businesses that tip-toe around words and try to give you vague descriptions are businesses that should be avoided. If even their main website does not say what they’re experts at, then it’s clear that they will not be providing a good service and will constantly try to play with words in order to trick you.

However, we believe that all services deserve a fair review and that’s what we’re going to go through the Good, Bad and also a Bottom Line on Fast Track Financial and if we can recommend it to you as a company.

Fast Track Financial: The Good

  • Provides both personal and business loans
  • Enticing website design

There really isn’t much to say regarding Fast Track Financial. They display all the signs of a typical financial scam due to the vague wording of their services and lack of any real reviews. However, we can point out two things they did get right.

Provides Both Personal and Business Loans

It’s always nice to see companies providing both personal and business loans. In Fast Track Financial’s case, it’s just a way of swindling people that want both personal and business loans, but it’s never bad to see a company offering both options to cater towards a larger audience. Sadly, this praise falls short after you realise how vague the wording is and it’s hard to tell the difference between their services.

Enticing Website Design

Web designs should always be simple, the logo should be basic and unobtrusive and the name should be memorable. Fast Track Financial nails these points relatively well.

Fast Track Financial: The Bad

  • Marketing harassment
  • Lack of positive reviews
  • Unclear purpose

The biggest problem with Fast Track Financial is the fact their website is incredibly unclear about what they actually offer. They mention personal loans and that they can help you get back on track financially but the details are scarce.

Marketing Harassment

Because the first thing Fast Track Financial asks for is your personal details, you’re almost fooled into actually giving them information like your phone number and email. On reading the fine print, submitting your details means you consent to “receiving information” and we all know that this means you’ll be bombarded by spam calls and emails in the future.

Lack of Positive Reviews

There are only a few positive reviews on Fast Track Financial and they are incredibly vague, do not offer much detail and show the signs of being fake reviews made to bump up their rating.

Unclear Purpose

Although Fast Track Financial advertises personal and business loans on their front page, their about page talks about offering “an array of products” that will suit your needs. One review even states that their financial problem was handed over to another business upon contacting Fast Track Financial.

Fast Track Financial: The Bottom Line

Fast Track Financial seems to be a terrible company to associate with. They ask for your information immediately and force you to consent to spam. Their services are vague and there’s really no good feedback regarding the company that isn’t vague and lacking detail.

16735 Von Karman Avenue, Suite 250
Irvine, CA 92606


Anybody have any info Fast Track Financial ? good or bad?

Eddie Taylor | November 29, 2017

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