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Lafayette Funding Debt
Lafayette Funding Debt
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Lafayette Funding believes that there isn'’t one reason that people get into credit card debt. Just like there is no one size fits all solution. At Lafayette Funding, they take the time to understand your personal history and create a program that is a solution for you.  They want to help you get on the path to financial health and freedom from high interest credit card debt.

2000 Schafer Street
Bismarck, ND 58501


I recieved a direct mail piece from Lafayette Funding offering me a credit consolidation loan. The direct mail item promised significantly lower payments than my current consolidation loan (based on lower interest rates) so I contacted them. On the phone I spoke with a woman who asked some very cursory financial questions which I answered. I was promised a follow up call the following day which I did recieve. The gentleman I spoke with asked me essentially the same cursory financial questions and told me he was going to run a “soft pull” of my credit and then get back to me on whether I was approved for the consolidation loan. Several days later I recieved a call from a woman who told me that she had information on my loan and payment schedule. As she continued to go through a very well polished “rap” it was clear that they were not offering me a consolidation loan but rather a debt settlement service which involved legal fees and would end up both harming my credit (in fairness she did admit this when I asked) and closing the credit accounts that would be negotiated. You may have a different opinion by my opinion is that the very low payments promoted in the direct mail and the consolidation loan process was just a front for selling debt consolidation services. My opinion is that these are dishonest people and that I would not recommend contacting them for a consolidation loan without expecting them to re-route you to a debt settlement service instead. I can afford the payments I’m making and was just seeking to lower my payments with a better interest rate so I told them I was going to pass on their “offer.” Again, I feel strongly that they misrepresented themselves and seriously doubt very many of their leads actually get loans.
Posted on on Aug 8

Mike | November 28, 2017

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