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Life Alert Medical Alert
Life Alert Medical Alert
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Life Emergency Response

About Life Alert

Life Alert is well known due to the popular slogan: “Help! I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up!” Since its conception in 1987, the medical alert company has been a major part of the health industry. In fact, the brand is such a pivotal part of the medical emergency alert industry that many recognise it simply as the ‘Life Alert’ industry.

Curious customers will surely have seen one of the iconic ads where an actor slips or falls and utters the famous slogan. According to the company website, the business handles over two million calls a year and saves a life every eleven minutes.

But what are the positive and negatives of this company and where does the business ultimately fall on the scale of emergency medical response systems? Should you trust it as a system that could one day save the life of someone you love? Here, we’ll break down the good, the bad and offer a bottom line to help you make the right decision for you or a family member.

The Good

There are a number of key factors to consider that make Life Alert a brilliant service including:

  • The Company holds full CSAA five diamond certification
  • Provides free equipment and shipping and full warranty options to all customers
  • Has a massive call monitoring system and setup in place
  • Notifies family members of an incident
  • Waterproof pendants provide tech that can be used in the bath or shower
  • Other types of protection are fully available

If you’re looking for a company that has withstood the test of time in the medical emergency alert industry, Life Alert could be the right choice. Life Alert has been active for three decades on the market and certainly has the reputation of a trusted provider. As well as being a hit with clients and customers, the company has won a number of awards and received various accolades for the service that they provide.

Best Features Of Life Alert

CSAA Five Diamond Certified

There are very few medical companies that have this certification, showing that Life Alert is a company that provides an exceptional quality service.

Free Equipment And Shipping

Many medical companies will add in extra costs to the service they provide. That’s not the case with Life Alert and with free equipment shipping as well as extended warranties, they work to save you money where possible.

Large Monitoring Call Assistance

Life alert has its own monitoring network, and this means it has the manpower and the software to provide a massive level of support to a wide group of customers.

Family Notifications

If there is any issue Life Alert systems can call both the emergency services and the emergency contact in unison. This means that family members can be notified immediately.

Transparent About Successful Services

As already mentioned, Life Alert has a huge history of providing successful services, saving roughly one life every eleven minutes.

Waterproof Pendant

Waterproof pendants beat other emergency response systems because they can be used in a wide range of different environments including the bath and shower. If they get wet, they’ll continue to function effectively.

Additional Protection

As well as providing emergency medical response tech, Life Alert also offers customers fire protection, CO gas protection, home intrusion and tracking through GPS as well as a mobile App.

Summary Of Life Alert Pros

Since the Life Alert system is simple and easy to use it’s going to be a great possibility for a wide range of customers. With a simple click, the emergency services can be on the scene of an accident ready to help you or your loved one in minutes. Packing in various other features and software is also a great plus for anyone who wants more extensive coverage and the years of experience behind the company highlight Life Alert as a business that can be trusted.

But what are the issues with Life Alert?

The Bad

Despite the benefits, there are certainly a number of issues with the Life Alert system that potential buyers should be aware of. This includes:

  • 3 year contract
  • Fees for installation
  • Bad rating on Glass Door
  • Lack of equipment details
  • Zero auto fall detection
  • Zero discounts

Generally speaking the main issue with Life Alert is that the tech offered by the company is perhaps not as advanced as it should be. And while the company was once the prime emergency response system, perhaps they have fallen behind the times after all? By eliminating startup fees, reducing the contract and improving the equipment the company could make significant improvements and perhaps improve that poor Glass Door rating as well

Room For Improvement

Reduce The Contract

Three years is one of the longest contracts in this industry and locking customers in for that long isn’t right or fair.

Eliminate Fees

While the company may not charge for shipping, they do charge for installation, and there are a number of other fees that could be removed.

Fix That Rating

Life Alert may be a big company, but their employee rating on Glass Door suggests that they aren’t a particularly pleasant company to work for. Perhaps it’s time they did more for the team of workers that they rely on.

Get Auto Fall Detection

Life Alert is one of the only medical emergency alert companies that doesn’t offer any tech with auto fall detection. This isn’t a new type of tech anymore and should be standard for a company as big as Life Alert.

Provide More Details

The company website is severely lacking in details on the equipment provided and capabilities. It’s time for an upgrade or complete reboot of the site to provide the info that customers like you need before they decided to buy.

Summary Of The Issues With Life Alert

With expensive fees that are often hidden before customers sign up for the service and a contract that ties customers in for a long-term, Life Alert does have some serious issues. On top of this, they are not providing the latest tech on the market and customers cannot find the information they need on their site. So, without knowing what they’re getting Life Alert expects customers to sign up for a long contract that is frankly, out of date on today's market.

The Unfortunate Bottom Line

The bottom line then is that while Life Alert was once the pivotal part of the Medical emergency alert industry, things have changed. Although it does have highly respectable certifications like CSAA Five Diamond, it falls behind with an average system and a longer contract than other companies on the market with better systems, more advanced tech and services that provide greater value for money. Customers should consider looking elsewhere at another medical emergency alert company instead.

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The cost of Life Alert is higher than other medical alert companies. Their web technology is weaker than some of their competitors. They do not have online ordering. The user experience is below average for such a well known brand.

Anonymous | December 20, 2017

My mommy fell in the shower room as well as the Life Alert agent called her 2 times as well as could not get an answer so they called emergency situation, then called me. I live concerning 30 miles away and also told me just what was taking place. They keep me notified numerous times on my method over, my mom had actually broken her hip and also was carried to the health center.

Safti | November 29, 2017

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