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Life Protect 24/7
Life Protect 24/7
Top 10 Medical Alert Systems
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Life Protect 24/7 are an established provider of medical alert systems. They offer a range of equipment designed to help ensure the safety of the elderly and infirm, as well as a variety of management plans for the equipment.

With so many different medical alert systems available, let’s dive deeper into what Life Protect 24/7 offer and see if they are a good choice for those looking to buy in this market.

Life Protect 24/7: The Good

  • Better Business Bureau rating of A+
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Highly rated by Underwriters Laboratories
  • Equipment is free.

Areas Where Life Protect 24/7 Excels

Flexible options

Life Protect 24/7 offers great contract options. Payments can be made monthly, while opting for the quarterly or annual billing cycles reduces the costs by up to $100. There is no formal contract and customers can cancel when they wish.

Enhanced monitoring

Life Protect 24/7 -- as their name implies -- offer 24/7 support, which is standard for products of this type. However, they also extend their support to a range of other circumstances outside of medical emergencies; customers can contact the Nurse Hotline if they feel unwell, are uncomfortable, or if there has been a fire or other disaster.

Lifetime price guarantee

The price that customers pay is the price they will always pay, even if the rate rises for new customers.

Summary of The Good:

Good payment options, a sound reputation, and free equipment makes Life Protect 24/7 seem very attractive to consumers.

Life Protect 24/7: The Bad

  • Unclear information; no mention of shipping and handling fees, for example.
  • Limited social media profile.
  • Some reviews suggest canceling is not an easy process.

Areas Where 24-7 Life Protect Could Improve

Limited upfront information

The detail that Life Protect 24/7 supply for their equipment is very limited; the product pages on their site are rather vague and without true specifications. This does not help consumers make an informed decision when comparing to other products.

No fall protection sensor

A fall protection sensor is generally considered to be very important for effective medical monitoring, yet Life Protect 24/7 do not offer this system.

Summary of The Bad:

Life Protect 24/7 undoubtedly offer a good service, but they have some catching up to do when it comes to the equipment that they provide. Furthermore, the occasional review online suggests canceling can be a long process, though it’s important to remember this is true of most companies of this type.

Life Protect: The Bottom Line

Ultimately, Life Protect 24/7 provide a good service, and the Nurse Hotline is a particularly nice touch. However, the scarcity of information about the equipment and the lack of a fall protection system makes it impossible to score them anything about three and a half stars out of five.

Life Protect 24/7 would be beneficial for those who do not have any serious health issues or require more routine monitoring. For the moment, more complex needs are likely best handled by more advanced equipment. Hopefully, this is an area that Life Protect 24/7 will develop in future.

913 First Colonial Rd, Suite 204
Virginia Beach, VA 23454
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