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Peak Lending Network Debt
Peak Lending Network Debt
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Peak Lending Network: We Don't Like What We See

Peak Lending Network is one of many financial companies that are promising to help you get out of debt. Debt consolidation is a big industry nowadays because many people are still struggling with their payments. Be it student loans or financing deals that have been accumulating interest for a long time, Peak Lending Network represents a growing trend in the financial market, but it’s unfortunate that there are far more shady businesses than actual legitimate ones that do what they advertise.

Trusting someone with your financial information and history is tough. It’s an incredibly personal part of your life and it’s essential that you pick the right companies to help you consolidate your debt and help you secure a better financial future. We’ll be breaking down the Good and the Bad and also give you a Bottom Line on whether Peak Lending Network is right for you.

Peak Lending Network: The Good

  • Simplified structure
  • Low-interest rates

Peak Lending Network advertises a simple structure that promises to help you get out of your financial situation.

Simplified Structure

Unlike many other debt consolidation companies, Peak Lending Network has a simplified process. They check your rate, you choose the best program and payment terms that suit you, you sign your loan contract and then you receive your money.

Low-Interest Rates

Peak Lending Network promises to give you some of the lowest interest rates in the industry in order to help you pay back your loans with ease.

Peak Lending Network: The Bad

  • Lack of reviews
  • Multiple companies with similar names
  • Lying representatives

Lack of Reviews

As with many debt consolidation companies that are popping up around the country, Peak Lending network has a serious lack of reviews and there’s a good reason for this. While the lack of reviews is definitely worrying, the lack of any positive comments and an overwhelming number of complaints gives Peak Lending Network a terrible reputation despite their promises and professional appearance.

Multiple Companies with Similar Names

Peak Lending Network is difficult to find on review websites and even searching for them on Google reviews many companies with similar names. It’s often difficult to tell if these companies are run by the same business or not, but it appears that they all share similarities in that they are poor services.

Lying Representatives

Peak Lending Network’s representatives have been known to lie to their customers after performing a credit check. They will purposely tell their clients a lower number to convince them that they need assistance and will even offer to monitor a client’s credit score for a fee.

Peak Lending Network: The Bottom Line

Although Peak Lending Network advertises a simplified method of debt consolidation with many benefits, these benefits are rarely ever passed on to the customer due to their terrible service and lying representatives. It’s best to avoid Peak Lending Network unless you’re willing to gamble on speaking to someone that will actually help you instead of lying about your credit history and then attempt to sell you a service that isn’t debt consolidation.

9187 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, Suite 6


his is a debt consolidation company told me I was not approved I had too much debt duh….told me that I can pay them to monitor my credit and once I get reported for collection they could fight it or I could file for bankruptcy wth I trying not to get to that point oh told me my score was a 592 when i know it was higher bogus no help at all….

Bradley | November 29, 2017

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