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Pebblestone Financial Debt
Pebblestone Financial Debt
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Debt is a financial worry that can be difficult to bring yourself out of. It’s a pit with seemingly no end and it's important to search for the right debt consolidation loan services to assist you. Unfortunately, not every service is born equal and some, such as Pebblestone Financial, only make it harder for you to finally obtain financial freedom.

Pebblestone Financial claim to help you rebuild your financial foundations by eliminating your debt with a consolidation service. They claim to improve your financial situation by helping you with a low-interest consolidation loan. They have many social media followers and are relatively well-known.

Normally, we would compile a list of Good, Bad, and Bottom Line about Pebblestone Financial to give you a breakdown of the facts. Unfortunately, with the number of consumer complaints floating around regarding their services, it will be difficult to give a full recommendation for Pebblestone Financial. As such, we do not have positive comments to make regarding this business and only have negative remarks.

Pebblestone Financial - The Bad

Poor Customer Support

When trying to fix your financial situation, it takes a lot of care and attention from your peers and services in order to solve your situation. Unfortunately, Pebblestone Financial have been known to employ rude staff that are quick and pushy with how they treat their clients. One customer was pre-approved for consolidation, only to have their personal details taken by a representative of the company and never heard from them again. The number on their website led to an outsourced call centre, which is the last thing you would want when dealing with something as sensitive as debt consolidation.

Aggressive Sales Team

Many clients have mentioned giving in to Pebblestone Financial’'s marketing due to the way they aggressively market their services every month. Their offers sound enticing, but many have pointed out that their way of promoting their services can be aggressive and occasionally even degrading. One comment pointed out that once they expressed concerns over the services, the response given was “so, you like living in credit card debt?”, “what, do you just want a check to go spend all the money on stuff and run up more debt?” and continued with a rude and smug tone.

Bait and Switch Tactics

Another common complaint is the use of bait and switch tactics. Many people have mentioned that after being pre-approved and waiting several days for a full approval, they were told that they did not qualify for the debt consolidation loans services and would be offered a different option to help with the process of eliminating their debt. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a debt modification program which could do significantly more damage to your credit rating.

Pebblestone Financial - The Bottom Line

Due to a mix of bait and switch tactics, an aggressive sales team and poor customer support, we can not in good faith recommend Pebblestone Financial. Their method of approaching customers is borderline bullying and their strategies used to sell their services are at the very least questionable.

The company is also connected to MEC Distribution LLC and Clarence O’Berry. The Pebblestone Financial website sits on the same server as Lafayette Funding, Salvation Funding, Guardian Angel Funding, and Bridgeline Funding. We are unaware of any formal regulatory action against the company.

3350 35th Avenue S
Fargo, ND 58104


I decided not to work with them. Checked them online they seem to have complaints. I ready you are better off going bankrupt better then working with Pebblestone Financial

Emos | December 19, 2017

Not a debt consolidation company. They will negotiate settlements for you with your credit card companies. You pay them and your credit is dinged.

Chris | November 29, 2017

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