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Salvation Funding

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Pebblestone Financial Debt
Pebblestone Financial Debt Editor's Score: 6.5/10 (3)
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The company website states that Pebblestone Financial “Helps Rebuild Financial Foundations. STRENGTHEN YOUR FINANCIAL FOOTING WITH A LOW RATE DEBT CONSOLIDATION LOAN.”

The company is also connected to MEC Distribution LLC and Clarence O’Berry. We are unaware of any regulatory action against the company.
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Salvation Funding Debt
Salvation Funding Debt Editor's Score: 3.5/10 (2)
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We have reason to believe that Salvation Funding is connected to Pebblestone Financial Group of North Dakota and MEC Distribution, LLC.

Review: "BBB states company in business for 11 years, I can find their parent company, MEC Distribution , a 2 person operation in same city, is into computer equipment sales. That is all I can find with basic search on web, no good or bad reviews over these 11 years. Wanted to do some research before giving out personal information in regards to their debt management services... Any current or former customers willing to chime in here?"
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Bridgeline Funding
Bridgeline Funding Editor's Score: 2.5/10 (1)
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WARNING: There is a possible connection between Bridgeline Funding and Pebblestone Financial, Lafayette Funding, Salvation Funding and Guardian Angel Funding.

According to the company website:

At Bridgeline Funding we understand that everyone’s circumstances are different. Debt does not generally occur overnight and the reasons behind large debt accumulation can be very personal. We know that there is both a financial and emotional side that must be considered when formulating a strategy to resolve your debt. We appreciate and accept that circumstances beyond your control may have contributed to your situation
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