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Timberline Financial Debt
Timberline Financial Debt
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Timberline Financial Promises To Help You Live A Debt Free Life

Timberline Financial is a debt consolidation and resolution company based in New York City. The business promises to help clients “start living a debt free life” and boasts a strong presence throughout the United States. Their debt relief is tailored to individuals rather than businesses.We have provided you with the Good, Bad, and Bottom Line about Timberline Financial below. By the end of this guide, you should have a clearer understanding as to whether it is a suitable service for you.

Timberline Financial: The Good

  • Known name
  • Consider all circumstances
  • Debt calculation tools
  • No immediate fees
  • Promise to clear debts within 2-4 years

Timberline Financial promises not only to provide short-term relief. But also to help clients find sustainable freedom. Their experience is certainly a positive while the absence of upfront fees encourages confidence too.

Areas where Timberline Financial excels

Known Name

The New York-based company has a solid reputation within the industry, which is crucial when looking to avoid potential scams.

Consider All Circumstances

Timberline Financial doesn’t rule out applicants due to poor credit history and similar factors.

Debt Calculation Tools

Timberline Financial offers calculators to help you gain a clearer image as to whether the steps will have a positive impact.

No Immediate Fees

Applicants don’t need to start paying money until Timberline Financial is actively working on the debt consolidation. Those types of costs are often linked to illegitimate companies.

Promise To Clear Debts Within 2-4 Years

For most people, this is a far shorter timescale than their current situation shows.

Summary of the Good

Timberline Financial is a legitimate company that can help consolidate debts and reduce the length and cost of repayment plans. With no immediate costs, taking the first steps to using their services could not be simpler.

Timberline Financial: The Bad

  • No good for businesses
  • Uses debt negotiations
  • A little confusing at times
  • Settlement fees OK, not great
  • Customer care could be slightly better

While not a scam, Timberline Financial is perhaps a little misleading. They aren’t the only guilty company of this, however, and do at least have a reputable name. While their tools are useful throughout the process, human updates aren’t as regularly as most would like.

Areas where Timberland Financial could improve

No Good For Businesses

The Timberline Financial model is geared towards individuals in debt. Businesses are better looking elsewhere for their consolidation matters.

Uses Debt Negotiations

Those processes can cause long-term harm to credit scores. Meanwhile, the services are only suitable for unsecured debt repayments.

A Little Confusing At Times

From knowing what the company is doing to discovering new repayment plans, the information can be tough to understanding. This is not ideal in an already stressful situation.

Settlement Fees Ok, Not Great

Fees included, you can expect debt settlements to average out at around 70%. It’s a better figure than many, but still some way short of the leading services.

Customer Care Could Be Slightly Better

Contacting Timberline Financial is far from impossible, but it could be a lot easier. You’ll also have to ask the right questions before getting the right answers.

Summary of the Bad

Timberline Financial delivers what it does in a fairly satisfying fashion. However, the general concept isn’t as good as many people assume. While all personal clients are considered, there are many situations that are beyond the company’s remit.

Timberline Financial: The Bottom Line

Timberline Financial brings average results. If you are looking to deal with an industry leader, I would take my business elsewhere.

225 W 39th St #10,
New York, NY 10018
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