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Vantage Acceptance Debt
Vantage Acceptance Debt
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Vantage Acceptance is a debt consolidation and settlement company that was launched in 2009. It is based in Woodland Hills, California, and offers personalized solutions to clients in 50 states. The company has a fairly large status within the industry and has worked with thousands of clients over the years.

We have provided you with the Good, Bad, and Bottom Line about Vantage Acceptance below. This impartial info should give you the best chance of deciding whether it’s a suitable service for your needs.

Vantage Acceptance: The Good

  • Competitive rates
  • Borrow up to $75,000
  • Personalized analysis
  • Upfront terms
  • Reputable name

Vantage Acceptance is known to be one of the more reputable debt settlement services on the market. It has a number of positive things going for it, including a fairly transparent approach and potentially very low rates.   

Areas where Vantage Acceptance excels

Competitive Rates

Debt repayments can incur interest rates as little as 5.99%. This is a far better rate than many competitors in this field of debt recovery.

Borrow Up To $75,000

Vantage Acceptance provides loans of up to $75,000, allowing you to settle debts even when they are significantly high.

Personalized Analysis

Vantage Acceptance looks at your debts, covering the source of debt as well as the value. They’ll also provide a breakdown of how to avoid future issues.

Upfront Terms

The terms you are offered upon application are the ones you gain. There are no hidden repayment charges or fees to consider.

Reputable Name

Having dealt with thousands of applicants over nearly a decade, the company’s service and data protection can be trusted.

Summary of the Good   

Vantage Acceptance can help people with serious debt issues by consolidation and settlement. When added to the potentially very competitive pricing, it’s no wonder so many choose them as their provider.

Vantage Acceptance: The Bad   

  • Minimum debts of $5,000
  • Only solves unsecured debts
  • Potential repercussions for credit
  • Uses third-party servers
  • Rates might not match adverts   

Vantage Acceptance only offers a limited service, which is geared towards certain audiences. By no means should it be seen as the ideal solution for everyone. Even those that do fall into the right categories should consider the full picture.   

Areas where Vantage Acceptance could improve   

Minimum Debts Of $5,000

Vantage Acceptance won’t help clients without at least $5k of debt. Therefore, anyone with temporary and small issues will want to look elsewhere.

Only Solves Unsecured Debts

The company can only settle unsecured debts. This may limit the impact that some people can enjoy while ruling other clients out entirely.

Potential Repercussions For Credit

The aggressive negotiation skills may help now. But can harm credit scores and restrict long-term opportunities. This is something that must be taken seriously.

Uses Third-Party Services

Vantage Acceptance doesn’t conduct all activity in-house. It often hires the help of outside agents to work on their behalf.

Rates Usually Don't Match The Advertisement

The 5.99% rate is a good one, but it isn’t offered to everyone. When you are met by a higher rate, it may be worth considering other options.

Summary of the Bad   

While there are a lot of good points, the negatives are plentiful too. From not knowing who is actually working on your case to potential long-term damage, these issues must be tracked by everyone.

Vantage Acceptance: The Bottom Line   

You must weigh the good versus the bad and be realistic. If you are in need of these types of debt services, Vantage Acceptance is generally not at the top of the list. 

5950 Canoga Ave #330
Woodland Hills, CA 91367


Pushy salesman - I don't feel comfortable...

Mika | December 4, 2017

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