Lady Boss

Juliette is the Lady Boss. She may not look it but do not mess with her. Her life has been a whirlwind of romance and tragedy. She was engaged to Italian prince who was gunned down in front of her on the night they celebrated their engagement. She never quite recovered and threw herself into her work. She is an accomplished operations manager that wants to prove that a woman can do any job twice as good as a man. Her life was all work until she met Freddy.

Creative Director

Freddy seems to be the main guy in charge but will never admit it. He lives between his yacht and a small hotel that he purchased in Greece almost 15 years ago. His true identity is a secret to everyone except his beautiful fiancee & boss Juliet. He is rumored to have made millions of dollars working with Marc Rich, the notorious commodities fugitive that was pardoned by President Clinton.

Benny Alvarez Top10Jungle

Benny Alvarez
Private Investor

Benny is an amazing character. He is a genius when it comes to seeing value where nobody else does. He retired from the personal loan business in 2012 and has been investing his profits ever since. He lives on the edge – but its a good edge. He has girlfriends in cities all over the world. He loves racing, flying and yachting. He is one of the most generous men but you don’t want to sit across the negotiating table from him.

Stevie Web Hosting Top 10 Jungle

Tech Expert

niko anastas top10jungle

Niko Anastas

scott escalante top 10 jungle

Scott Escalante
Marketing Strategist

antivirus software comparison chart

Ana Hemingway
Cyber Security Expert

Ana works and lives to protect us. Her life has been anything but easy. Rumor has it that Ana was the daughter of a high ranking Soviet spy that was assassinated towards the end of the Cold War. She was smuggled out of the Soviet Union as a baby and adopted and raised by a Russian family that defected from the Soviet Union. Her adopted father worked for a small company that built antivirus software to prevent cyber threats and attacks.

Luxury Expert

Luxury Specialist

Sofia has a problem with commitment. She has been married three times and each time to a wealthier man. Her passion seems to be spending¬† other people’s money. If there is anything you need to know about a jet, a mansion, or a five star hotel, Sofia is your girl. She was born a shopkeeper’s daughter in a small coastal village off the Amalfi Coast.


Charlie quit the hypocrisy of Wall Street shortly after the Bernard Madoff scandal and gave up a lucrative career as municipal bond trader. His passion is to write and educate consumers on comparing debt consolidation and debt relief programs. He lives between England and Tokyo with occasional visits back to the states.

Military Expert

Religion expert

Web Hosting Comparison Chart

Freddy's Pet Gorilla

Charlie is the only monkey that we know of that prefers a piece of cake and a cappucino over a banana. We figure he learned it from Freddy.

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