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Freedom Debt Relief Reviews

Freedom Debt Relief is a debt management company that is part of the larger Financial Freedom Network LLC. Freedom Debt Relief reviews solutions for customers with large debt problems, helping to negotiate with creditors and allow customers to pay less than the owed amount on their debts. The company is the largest of its kind in the US, and has helped to settle debts for over nearly half a million clients.  Freedom is accredited and ranked A+ by the Better Business Bureau. They became the first debt resolution company in the country to reach $1 billion in cumulative debt it has resolved for clients.
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Guide To Lenders Reviews

Guide to Lenders Guide To Lenders provide a service that helps to connect customers with lending providers. Their service which can sometimes feel "invisible" seeks to make the application process easier for customers who are looking for a way to consolidate personal debt into one easy payment. The company has been in operation since 2005 and works with a network of over 150 lenders on products which also include mortgages along with its debt consolidation and personal loan services.
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VISIT SITE Reviews offers a way for potential loan borrowers to search for a loan provider - even if you have bad credit. A customer fills in a form with, and the company then seeks to match the borrower with a lender that suits their needs. The service promises efficiency and the ability to search multiple providers on behalf of the customer.
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Accredited Debt Relief Reviews

Accredited Debt Relief is a financial service company, offering both debt consolidation and debt settlement services. This means they offer a comprehensive service that can help customers consolidate their debt payments into one single monthly payment, or can negotiate with the creditors of a customer to reduce the amount of debt outstanding. Given personal debt is a continued (and, in fact, growing) problem in the US, there’s no doubt there is plenty of call for the services of Accredited Debt Relief.
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CuraDebt Reviews

The team that founded CuraDebt had been helping individuals and small businesses locally since 1996 (in Irvine, California). In 2000, CuraDebt was formed to help even more people nationwide. CuraDebt has been helping individuals and small businesses for over 16 years nationwide making the company and team one of the oldest and most experienced in the debt relief industry. CuraDebt Tax has a team of representatives that are qualified to provide help to both individuals and small businesses IRS or State tax solutions. The tax team has over 100 years combined experience with over 83 of it previously working at the IRS or other taxing authorities. CuraDebt has an in-house debt relief program that is designed to help during times of financial hardship and save as much money as possible with your unsecured debt.
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Pacific Debt was founded in 2002 by Kevin Landie to address the growing tide of consumer debt in America. At the time PDI was founded, consumers saddled with high levels of consumer debt were often faced with very difficult choices and a limited number of options. Traditional options for resolving one's debts include credit counseling, home equity loans and bankruptcy. The early 2000s were a huge boon to credit card issuers and as a result the debt settlement industry was born. Debt settlement is an alternative to credit counseling and bankruptcy and doesn't require collateral like most consolidation loans. During the early 2000s, the debt settlement industry flourished due to a lack of regulation. Unfortunately for consumers, many of the companies that got involved early-on put profits before customers. The industry attracted fly by night operators, advance fee schemes and a barrage of consumer complaints. Kevin knew there had to be a better way.


Pebblestone Financial Reviews

Pebblestone Financial claims on its website "there is no one single  reason someone is in high interest rate credit card debt. Once an application is completed Pebblestone determines which program or loans you may qualify for. Pebblestone Financial markets its business primarily through direct mail campaigns offering a low interest rate to sub-prime credit borrowers.

WARNING:   Top 10 Jungle has received recent complaints regarding Pebblestone Financial's business practices. Consumers believe they are applying for a loan when in fact they will be referred to an outside attorney to negotiate their debts and charge additional fees. Due to a mix of bait and switch tactics, an aggressive sales team and poor customer support, we can not in good faith recommend Pebblestone Financial. Their method of approaching customers is borderline bullying and their strategies used to sell their services are at the very least questionable. Possible connections to Lafayette Funding & Salvation Funding


Salvation Funding

Salvation Funding claims on its website that it wants to make your life easier and they want to free you of your high interest credit card debt by providing lower interest rate options that may reduce your monthly payments and reduce the time you are in debt.

WARNING:   Top 10 Jungle has received recent complaints regarding Pebblestone Financial's business practices. Consumers believe they are applying for a loan when in fact they will be referred to an outside attorney to negotiate their debts and charge additional fees. Due to a mix of bait and switch tactics, an aggressive sales team and poor customer support, we can not in good faith recommend Pebblestone Financial. Their method of approaching customers is borderline bullying and their strategies used to sell their services are at the very least questionable. Possible connections to Lafayette Funding & Pebblestone Financial


Fast Track Financial Reviews

Fast Track Financial does not broker loans and does not make and/or fund any product offerings, loans, or credit decisions. The company claims to offer Fast Funding, No Fees No Catch, Easy Experience, & Start Saving. The company claims to offer loan approvals in as quickly as one business day. WARNING: Top 10 Jungle has received complaints regarding Fast Track Financial's direct mail campaigns. Their mailer indicates to consumers that they have been preselected for a personal loan without any mention of debt relief. The company's practice seems to be to flip the consumer to a more expensive debt relief product.


Americor Funding Reviews

Americor Funding is one of the many debt settlement companies popping up that promises to help you climb out of a financial pit. Unfortunately, it seems like Americor Funding is yet another bait-and-switch company that is prying on people with a poor financial record and further plunging them into debt or financial crisis with poor advice.


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debt consolidation loan reviews

What is Debt Consolidation?

The process of combing various unsecured debts – credit cards, payday loans, personal loans, medical bills, etc. into a single bill is known as debt consolidation. So, rather than paying off 15 creditors individually each month, you combine all the bills into a single payment and only write a single check. This simplifies your life and helps avoid payment errors that can result in bounced check fess and late payment penalties.The three most popular forms of  Debt Consolidation are:  Debt Consolidation Loans, Debt Management Plans & Debt Settlement Programs. None of these options will provide you with a quick fix, however, they are designed for your benefit as long-term debt reduction strategies. Debt consolidation should bring reduced interest rates and monthly payments and long term credit score improvement.

Debt Free

What is Debt Settlement?

A Debt Settlement Program will negatively impact your credit score but not nearly as bad as filing for bankruptcy. It is a cost effective way to resolve your debts. Professional negotiators attempt to settle your debts with your creditors and then create a payback of 2 to 5 years that you can comfortably afford. Once that payback period end, you would be debt free! In order to enter a debt settlement program, your accounts must already be 3 to 4 months delinquent. Our top choice, National Debt Relief, is a debt settlement company.

credit cards medical debt

What Types of Debts Are Eligible For Debt Settlement?

The most common debts successfully negotiated through a debt settlement program are credit card and medical bill debt. Those creditors are unsecured and they understand that if you filed for bankruptcy, they would most likely get nothing. The last thing they want to do is force you into a bankruptcy by being unreasonable. If a debtor shows that they are willing to enter a debt settlement program with a reputable company like National Debt Relief, the creditors work with you to restructure your outstanding balances and are willing to agree to a significantly reduced payment.

unpaid bills

Are Any Other Types of Debt Eligible For Debt Settlement?

Credit cards and unpaid medical bills are not the only debts eligible for debt settlement. Personal loans, auto repossession balances, utility bills, mortgage "short pay" balances, private student loans, apartment leases and cell phone bills are also eligible debts that can be submitted into a typical debt settlement program. There may be other types of debts available for debt settlement programs not listed above. To get a complete and updated list of the debts that are eligible, visit National Debt Relief.

consolidate debts

Can I Consolidate Credit Cards On My Own?

If your credit score is good (700 or higher) then the ideal way you can consolidate your credit card loan is by applying for a zero-percent interest balance transfer credit card. The zero-percent interest is a preliminary rate that typically lasts for around 7 to 18 months. Every payment made in that period will go straight toward decreasing your balance.When the preliminary rate concludes, interest rates rise to around 13 to 27 percent on the leftover balance. Be careful, because balance transfer cards usually demand a transfer fee (typically 3%), and some even charge a yearly fees.Another means to consolidate your credit card balance on your own is by going “cold turkey. ” Stop using credit cards and paying with cash or debit cards as an alternative. After you have fully paid off your debts, you can then pick one credit card and be extra careful with its use.

bill consolidation

What Is Bill Consolidation?

The process of eliminating debt by bundling all your bill payments and reimbursing them with a single loan is referred to as bill consolidation. With this method, you only make one payment each month, which is a good idea if you have six, or perhaps even ten individual payments to make for utilities, credit cards, phone service, etc.If you combine all the bills into one amalgamated sum, the consolidated payment should have a reduced monthly payment and a lower interest rate. Any savings you have could best be used for starting a backup fund to help avoid any possibility of a future financial crunch.

how to consolidate my bills

How Would I Consolidate My Bills?

Bills and debt consolidation require persistence, patience, and some form of management skills. You should begin by collecting all your dues from things such as utilities, credit cards, medical and cell phone services. Add the aggregate sum you owe on the unsecured loan and then decide how much you can really manage to pay for each month while still being able to pay your basics like food, transportation and rent.When you have a number in front of you, choose whether a debt management plan, a personal loan or a debt settlement plan will give you the maximum chance to get rid of your debt. Realize that this procedure usually takes around 3 to 5 years, and there are no quick-fixes and no short-cuts.

debt management plan

What Is A Debt Management Plan?

A debt management plan assists you in getting a cheaper rate of interest from creditors and lower or even waive late fee charges so you can comfortably pay off your monthly bills.  It is important to remember that making use of a Debt Management Plan will initially have a negative affect on your credit score.You would send a single payment to the debt management agency. The agency systematically divides the payment among your lenders. A debt management program will not work if you can’t keep up with your monthly payments. All it takes is one missed payment and your creditors can remove you from the program. This eliminates any benefits you’ve been granted and you can end up in the same or worse position from where you started.